At Portuguese, it’s our passion to celebrate and share the country’s hidden treasures with you.

Experience True Portuguese Quality Ingredients

At Portuguese, we are devoted to showcasing the best that Portugal has to offer from Lisbon to Porto. Working closely with skilled chefs, we carefully select small-batch, artisanal products from local producers who meet our strict standards for flavor, health, and sustainability. Our collection of premium meats, sustainably caught seafood, and specialty items will inspire your next culinary adventure and bring a taste of Portugal to your table.

Our Curated Collections


Our octopus is sustainably sourced from the Fao 34 Coast of North Africa, renowned for its high-quality octopus harvest. It is caught using artisanal fishing techniques involving clay pots, resulting in a superior catch while minimizing environmental impact. These methods also reduce waste and have a lower impact on fish populations than traditional fishing techniques.


Our jams are sustainably sourced in small batches from the breathtakingAzores Islands in Portugal. Located hundreds of miles away from pollution, these unspoiled islands of the Atlantic Ocean offer the perfect conditions for flourishing an array of gorgeous flowers and succulent fruits. These volcanic islands' unique microclimate allows these natural wonders to thrive and be harvested at their peak of freshness and flavor.


Our cheeses from the Azores Islands of São Miguel and São Jorge are always made with the freshest, highest quality grass-fed cow milk. Our unique selection of dairy products results from our commitment to sourcing from responsible and ethical farms. We are dedicated to using only dairy products from free-range cows raised humanely.

Bring the Authentic Flavors of Portugal to Your Customers

Our premium collection of food and ingredients is designed to elevate the menus of restaurants, hospitality groups, and specialty markets. Discover how our food service portfolio can help you stand out and provide a memorable dining experience for your customers.